Vet Tripp, Houston

In January 2016, Vet Tripp Project came to Houston Texas.  Charlene Fox is the Houston Director, and the healers, with various modalities meet the middle and last Saturday of each month.  We will start up again in January 2020.  If you are called to help the Vets with your specialty… please contact us.  We are currently looking for volunteers such as massage therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists,  reflexologists, chiropractors etc.

For more information and to volunteer.

There have been remarkable results using EFT with the warriors coming back from overseas, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our professional VET TRIPP program is in place to offer our warriors 6 FREE PRIVATE SESSIONS .

Pat is a PTSD professional and listed as a practitioner in Houston on

If you are interested,  please call our office at 281-469-2773, and if you know a warrior that would welcome support and stress release, please tell him/her about our De-Stress Program.

The pentagon has recognized EFT as a choice method for PTSD and is offering this program  “in the field”,  on the iphones, until the warrior can get back to base to work with a facilitator.  WE WELCOME ALL BRANCHES OF SERVICE AND ANY FAMILY MEMBERS  CONNECTED WITH OUR ARMED SERVICES.

Volunteers Needed

To volunteer contact Director Charlene Fox:
  (281) 536-9591 Email:

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