Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka “Tapping”

NOTE: See Special Workshops for Non-Vets in article below

Introducing the Veteran’s Stress Project – www.stressproject.org

Helping Soldiers with PTSD

The Veterans Stress Project AND the Vet TRIIP here in Houston, is determined to make a difference. It offers returning vets free or low-cost sessions using Energy Psychology, a method called “tapping” which many therapists and coaches are using to help veterans with PTSD to get their lives back.

Further down in the article below, you can watch a video of  a veteran using EFT, the most widely-used Energy Psychology method approved by the Pentagon.

What is EFT aka Tapping?

It is a method where you physically tap with your fingers, on meridian points on the face and body to clear trauma, emotional and physical pain, and old limiting belief systems.  It sounds weird, but it works.

How does it work?

Quoting Nick Ortner, “Preliminary scientific research basically says that when we do the tapping on these end points of our meridians, we’re actually sending a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain. A calm brain = a smooth functioning body”.  During this process any energy blocks are removed associated with the trauma, so the old memory can remain but it no longer has any power.  Thus releasing the pain and emotions.

Pat is a Certified EFT Instructor as  well as an Energy Psychology Practitioner who offers 6 free visits  to our Armed Forces, and First Defenders.  There has been outstanding results with the healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit from the trauma and stresses of war and the return to every day living in the USA.

The Pentagon has recognized EFT as the “treatment of choice” for PTSD as well as other lingering illnesses.  A cellular Icon is available to use when the defenders of freedom feel anxiety or depression or other stressful symptoms.  All service personnel are eligible through the Veteran’s Stress Project, and we encourage you to try this modality that has helped so many.  We also offer non-vet workshops for the family members…see below.  For further information or to set up an appointment….pafleury@sbcglobal.net

Next Non-Vet Workshop for adults who wish to learn this amazing skill.  Date to be  announced:  

Come join us…Learn how to tap away your fears and disappointments that keep you from accomplishing all that you want to be.  It is an easy form of energy psychology that is also known world-wide as “tapping”.  Yes, the simple act of tapping on your acupressure points as you recall the drama/traumas that caused your sub-conscious mind to move into fear and panic.

It is not necessary to relive any part of your story, if you choose not to.

The brain knows how to heal, and the energy that caused a block in your progress….that keeps you doing the same thing over and over..is suddenly released.  The results are outstanding.  Once the energy blocks and imprinted patterns are changed, you are changed.  Almost too good to be true, but it works for everyone.

Suddenly the guilt and fears disappear, the fear of moving forward is gone, the negative habits formed in relationships are shifted and you are that wonderful person your heart knows is really you.   Your power comes back!

Let Pat Fleury demonstrate these skills.  It will be group experience, and also individual “tapping” for those who choose to participate.  It is a fun workshop and you will come away with skills that you can use immediately for yourself and others.

We also offer:

Private sessions, school presentations, and business lectures with hands on demonstrations.  We look forward to getting this amazing healing work out into the global community.

Call 281-469-2773 or E mail pafleury@sbcglobal.net

Need a Personal Tapping Group to get you started?

Certified Instructor: Pat Fleury with group session EFT Tappers, 2010

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