Biography: Pat Fleury

Biography: Patricia Fleury

The director and owner of the Touch of Healing Institute for over 20 Years.  “Pat” worked in hospitals, medical centers, clinics and physician’s offices.   Academically, she has certification and degrees in allopathic as well as alternative medicine.    She graduated with a 4 year college degree from the prestigious Barbara Brennan Healing Sciences.  To further her education, she completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Energy Medicine in 2007.  Masters pending.

Additional:  Professional Office, appointment based, Call: 281-469-2773. 

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique Certification,  Energy Psychology Certification.  Stress Project and Vet Tripp coach/energy healer for PTSD and stress relief.

2019-2020 Monthly inter-sessions offered at Vet Tripp for the returned warriors, and family.  Success rate is outstanding. Contact: Charleen Fox, Houston Director: (281) 536-9591 for appt.

During 2003-2005 Pat was instrumental in working with the Native American; Navaho and Hopi Tribes to improve the health care on the reservations, in conjunction with the (IHS) Indian Health Services.

Many spiritual healing gifts were given to her by the medicine men and women of these tribes while on this Arizona assignment. They taught her the ancestral rituals and spiritual side of healing. She integrates these teachings into her own practice and within the classroom setting. The Native American name of “Wind Song Spirit” was given to her in 2010.      As a result of her annual visits to Hopi Land, in Arizona, she is recognized and known as the “Rainbow grandmother” who gives healing classes to the native women and children.

The greatest joy of her life is two loving sons, Fred and Todd, that blessed her with wonderful daughters-in-law, Janice and Martha, and she is “Mimi” to six very special loving grandchildren. Nyssa, Summer, Ethan, Brandon, Connor and Taylor Fleury.

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Patricia Fleury – Director and Owner of the Touch of Healing Institute

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