Intermediate Class

LOCATION: To be announced

Continuous Monthly “Series”

Dates: A full 7 class series, over 7 month span.

Hours:  Sat. 8:30 a.m. sharp to 5 p.m.   Sun. 9 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Please arrive early for check in Sat.

COST:  Each class is $250.00 and payable by personal, check, Zelle, Venmo or Pay Pal “using friends and family so no service charge”.  If you choose to pay the 7 classes in full, there is a 10% discount = $175.00.  Adjusted Total: $1,575.00.    You will be asked to purchase: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.  The Subtle Body, Coloring Book by Cyndi Dale.  New or Lightly Used copies available,  on Amazon or Half Price Books, or thru Publishing Companies.

Pre-requisites:  A “basic” knowledge of the human energy field is necessary to enter the intermediate class. If you have not been exposed to these teachings, you will be asked to attend a Basic Class, review YouTube presentations, and read selected material.   Students who have achieved this level through other teachers or schools may apply. During the seven weekend classes we will use instructional methodology to increase your HSP, and identify clairvoyant, clairaudient and omniscience gifts and talents and your divine life purpose. You will learn of the defenses everyone uses to avoid wounding, and how the emotions are the key to healing. You will work with your energy sensitive hands, testing the vibrations of fellow students and clients, and then discuss the process during group discussions.

The class progression: with skill accomplishments and accountability by involvement in classroom participation,  (called Experientials).  You will also be asked to complete homework assignments using your new skills and methods identified in each class. You will learn the practical application of these healing skills for daily living; using them on friends, family, animals, plants, the earth and universe.


About the Intermediate Class:  Beginning May 2023

The course you are about to partake in, over the next 7 weekend period is a intermediate, college level, in-depth experience. The Touch of Healing is not a technique but a journey in which the student maintains the deepest level of connection with the Universal Energy Field (UEF) to help balance and trigger healing. The course is designed to build each month on the previous lessons and skills. Therefore, I ask you to commit to the full 7 weekend study. The lessons will take you to the very core of your being and give you the most profound self awareness ever. There is personal power and divine strength in this course… and it is not for sissies. It will stretch you to become all that you can be.

Personal Achievements:  One person, of your choice (not a spouse or relative) will be your client.  You will ask them permission to work with them… using your practical skills learned in class.  Starting with class #1 – #6.  Additional hands on work… for extra credits is at the discretion of the healer/client.


  • THI Basic Classes* = accumulation of hands on healing = 100 hours.
  • THI Workshop Practicum = 112 hours Lecture, Skills, Class participation
  • Theory & Practical = 50 Hours Home Study & assignments
  • Visualization, Meditation = 15 Hours Energy Psychology
  • Professional Experience = 35 Clinical Healing Experiences
  • * Other Metaphysical teachers and courses will be considered for credit hours.
COMPLETION: Upon Graduation of the full 7 weekends/months, you will be given a Certification from our school that recognizes you as a graduate and Touch of Healing Professional.  If for any unforeseen emergency you must miss a class…. You will be given the opportunity to make up that one class before the next class date. This makeup is necessary for you to attend the next class.

STUDENT COMMENT:   “It took one special lady to recruit me to this amazing work, and her name is Pat Fleury.  I was  struggling to believe that this stuff really works and I was to be a part of her school. She taught me to have confidence and now  I love being part of the healing world.  I now use my skills  with the same loving confidence she has role modeled for me during her classes.  I  would invite any person longing for self skills or to integrate the skills  into your practice,  to try one of her classes.  You will learn so much in a short time.”  -Carole Jones, co-instructor:  The Touch of Healing Institute

The next step LICENSE: Touch of Healing Institute is registered  with the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board. They have the ability and classes to guide you into professional licensing for your practice to meet State requirements. This license as a Spiritual Healer Practitioner has national and international recognition.

STUDY MATERIAL: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan, EFT by Dawson Church, Brad Yates and Gary Craig, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, Quantum Touch by Richard Gorden,  YouTube assignments, and other healing masters in the field of energy medicine.

DRESS: Casual. Bring a light blanket for meditation. No leather or crystal jewelry please.  You will receive a note re: what to bring to each class.

GRADUATE STUDENTS are always welcome to join us for review and practice of skills. We call these: “Touch Up Intermediate Classes” and are offered to the graduates.

CONTINUING EDUCATIONAL UNITS:  For the professionals association CEU or CNE requirements: our credit courses are recognized and approved to meet the required  annual continuing education units of many professional organizations.. We have an outline of the course for submission.  We are registered with the FSHLB Federeation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board.  ACEP for Energy Psychology and other well recognized professional organizations.