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Hourly, Scheduled Consultation

Pat Fleury, B.S. in Energy Medicine has a private practice in N.W. Houston, in the Willowbrook Mall area, Hwy 249 and Hwy.1960..(Cypress Creek Parkway.)     Please refer to her “Biography”  for credentials and history.

For the new client, it is important that we have the opportunity to  explore the various areas that continue to re-cycle in  your relationships, your work environment, you spiritual path.  To allow the emotions and the feelings stored on the cellular level of the sub-conscious mind to bring new awareness into the current situations.   Only with this new consciousness can the cells find a new pattern and path to wellness.

It is important that we allow 2 hours for the “new” client on the first visit.  You will receive intake forms to fill out and return by E mail, or at the time of the visit.  This affords us the quality time to devote to you and not our necessary  paperwork.

Long Distance Healing:  Contact for an appt. time.  281-469-2773.  You will be asked to fill out an Intake form, then an interview on the phone.  Once the date and time is established, you will call at that appointed time.  Pmt. is based on the time frame used and on an hourly basis.

Payment @ $85.00 per hour is accepted in the form of a personal check, money order, cashier’s check Venmo, Zelle or cash. 

CLIENT COMMENTS:  For many years I had been under heavy medication from the VA Hospital, due to a severe pain in my back.  My MRI showed bulges in the vertebrae of the lower back.  Surgery was recommended but could not be performed for many months.  I decided to try Pat Fleury, who is professionally trained in energy medicine.  We worked on my emotional frozen time warps, and during those sessions my service in Viet Nam came up.  It was very emotional for me to remember.  But through the use of EFT and Touch of Healing techniques, I am pain free in my back.  My VA doctors were shocked, and commented that the body must have healed itself.  No surgery was needed.  I am grateful that I was taught to listen to the pain in my body, and then to let it go with the help of this practitioner.   S. B.  U.S. Army retired

“ Anytime we are dragging our heels about letting go, and our soul has decided that ” yes”, we must let go,….. the soul will continue to create circumstances to force us, the personality, to let go. ” — Bernie Segal