Virtual EFT (Tapping)

Workshop: Emotional Freedom Technique


 Next Workshop to be announced:

    We all experience Stress… Anxiety… Fear…Anger… Bitterness…Grief…Sadness and indications of emotions that overwhelm us.  These emotional reactions will cause illness, disease and mental fatigue.

    But, did you know there is a wonderful skill that is very easy to learn that actually releases the emotional imprints and impact on your life, setting you free to enjoy life without the stresses that have accumulated on your cellular, sub-conscious level?

    Pat is certified as an instructor, and continues her education in two ways.  #1 )  Dawson Church, Mentor…  has had a deep influence by teaching the skill of EFT, and then offering this amazing way of stress relief on web site, lectures, VA Hospitals, seminars.  He also has developed a set of DVD’s that are training appropriate for VET recovery organizations.

    #2)  Pat offers her services of energy healing to Vet Tripp in Houston, TX. and arguments the hands on healing skills with emotional freedom… through EFT “tapping”.  In the 6 free sessions, there is a remarkable change in the emotions and stress level of all involved.  See for more information.

    We welcome everyone to our training classes, as we all experience memories that trigger the emotional buttons.

    Location of Workshop: to be announced

    Workshop Outline:

    1. Identification of the way our body stores stress
    2. Overview of the Conscious and Sub-Conscious Brain
    3. Personal experientials of energy shifts
    4. Tapping techniques to use at home/office

    What to Bring:

    1. We break for our brown bag lunch, and if you have special dietary needs bring your own snacks and drinks.
    2. Wear appropriate casual clothing but no short shorts please
    3. A special object for our altar that reminds you of the stressful situation.  Perhaps a picture, a slip of paper with a name on it, an object that has special meaning for clearing.

    Who to Contact:

    Pat Fleury  – office phone:  281-469-2773 or for more information, contact Pat.

    Q & A for the inquiring Student

    1. What is (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique? A unique way of entering the cellular level through the energy grids of our body called meridians.  Touching into the sub-conscious mind… the limbic brain of emotional attachments and then “tapping” on the old memories to release the energy blocks.
    2. Who is using this skill? (professionals and lay people (adults and children)… no degree necessary)
    3. Can anyone learn how to release stress, pain, emotional baggage?  (Yes, it is simple)
    4. Does it take long to learn these skills?  (NO… definitely not)
    5. Can I see immediate results.  (Yes)
    6. Can I get certified as a EFT practitioner?  (Yes…. many opportunities)

    Call Pat Fleury @ 281-469-2773 if you choose to be placed on the new List of students.