Native American Ceremonies

Many indigenous nations peoples, aka Spiritual Healers,  have carried the love for our Mother Earth through their commitment to honor the earth, and express this love by singing the earth songs, and dance the earth  sacred dances.  They feel the heartbeat of the earth mother as they say their prayers, and prepare for the ceremonies.  The Natives will tell you that the ceremonies must come from the heart.  They spend days in their churches, (Kivas) to cleanse themself and to make prayer feathers for the ceremonies and the country/world.

I have studied with the Hopi Nation elders, and cherish their commitment to hold these sacred dances, and songs for thousands of years.  Each clan will hold the traditions in sacred space, and their own special clan devotion to the Mother Earth.  She gives us everything we need.

The Hopi truly believe that their “Red Man” assignment from Creator, is to keep the world and the heavens in balance.  To do this they must align with the four directions,  star nations, and the lunar (grandmother moon patterns)  and sun (grandfather sky) equinox dates.  Everything is done in accordance with the harmony of all things.  All the kingdoms are part of their family, and they will tell you… Mitakuye Oyasin…. “we are all related”.

On my own earthly journey, I am asked to walk in two paths.  The path of the Caucasian white woman, a Christian,  and steeped in the Science of Conventional Medicine with several degrees and certifications.

I am also known  in the world of allopathic (natural healing.)  So my feet carry the imprint and walk in the shoes of the Red Way.  I am known as the medicine woman (Native Name:  “Duhikwuti” a spiritual healer) who holds the beliefs of the ancient, alternative medicine kingdoms.  I have been given the personal name: Rainbow Grandmother.  I am asked to carry the imprint of all the colors of the rainbow in everything, and everyone I come in contact with.  In Native Hopi belief:   This is called the “Red Road” of the Heart.

Believing there is no separation, for we are all God’s children, and we are asked to express our self in different, unique ways, but always to glorify God.