LUNCH & LEARN WORKSHOP, 2nd Thursday per month.


Throughout the year, The Touch of Healing Institute  offers special workshops that are especially designed for the adult student who wishes to expand their consciousness of the energetic field and the way we are designed by our Creator to heal our stress and wounding.  To take these new skills and integrate them into your own life, or into your existing professional practice.

We also introduce guest speakers who enhance our lives by sharing their wisdom and cultural beliefs.  At these group gatherings, there is always time for Q & A and an opportunity to make future appointments with the guest speakers.


FALL MEETING: AUGUST 10th: Lunch & Learn

This workshop is designed for women who want to mingle with like minded, Spiritually enlightened, progressive females.  We follow the book:  Gift of the Body,  by Jonathan Goldman.  Reading assignment each month with lively discussion from the women.  Additional in depth material presented by 2 professional teachers:  Pat Fleury B.S. Energy Medicine and Laura Anderson, Graduate of Touch of Healing Institute, and other metaphysical advanced schools.

GOAL: To find the real you that got lost among the many hats you wear.  To laugh, share stories, find new wisdom, and devote one day JUST FOR YOU,  to bring the JOY back in your life.

  • TIME: 9:30 A.M.  sign in,  Program: promptly at 10 a.m. Lunch @ approx. 12 p.m. served by the Club,  Close 3:00 p.m.
  • DATE:  the 2nd Thursday of every month, except Nov. and Dec.
  • COST: Your lunch from the RCC menu @ $8.00 to $20.00.  Plus workshop cost $30.00.
  • LOCATION:  Raveneaux Country Club – 9415 Cypresswood Drive, Spring, TX. 77379

Special (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique Training Class: date to be announced

(see our videos under our EFT Tab.)

Click for more information about our Special EFT Classes.  The skill of using EFT for personal use, and to offer to the community will be addressed in this Introductory Class. 

Q & A for the inquiring Student

  1. What is (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique? A unique way of entering the cellular level through the energy grids of our body called meridians.  Touching into the sub-conscious mind… the limbic brain of emotional attachments and then “tapping” on the old memories to release the energy blocks.
  2. Who is using this skill? (professionals and lay people (adults and children)… no degree necessary)
  3. Can anyone learn how to release stress, pain, emotional baggage?  (Yes, it is simple)
  4. Does it take long to learn these skills?  (NO… definitely not)
  5. Can I see immediate results.  (Yes)
  6. Can I get certified as a EFT practitioner?  (Yes…. many opportunities)

Call Pat Fleury @ 281-469-2773 if you choose to be placed on the Aug. List of students.


Massage Therapy Workshop – to be announced

A Blending of MT skills with Energy Healing skills.  

NCBTMB approved CEU credits. Our school is approved to teach and award CEU credits to the Massage Therapist.  We are listed on the Web site as an approved educational organization for training. 

If you are a LMT and desire to enhance your healing abilities, plus merge energy medicine healing skills into your current practice; we have the teachers that can help you to achieve this.

Pat Fleury, B.S. Energy Medicine has designed a program that will not only give you new abilities and skills to help your clients, but also obtain CEU’s for your license requirement through your state licensing board.

For more information, please visit our Contact Pat page.

TOUCH OF HEALING EFT GROUP CLASSES: professionals only for Certification.

Group classes for the professional to integrate their own skills for PTSD recovery and using EFT meridian tapping skills.   These classes are offered exclusively by Pat Fleury, Certified in EFT.  The classes are limited to 10 attendees.  New Class starting in 2015.   Date to be announced. Contact Pat:


In January 2016, Vet Tripp Project came to Houston Texas.  Chalene Fox is the Houston Director, and the healers, with various modalities meet the last Saturday of each month.  We will start up again in January 2017.  If you are called to help the Vets with your specialty… please contact us.  We are currently looking for massage therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists,  reflexology, chiropractors etc.

There have been remarkable results using EFT with the warriors coming back from overseas, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our professional program is in place to offer our warriors 6 FREE PRIVATE SESSIONS .

Pat is a PTSD professional and listed as a practitioner in Houston on

If you are interested,  please call our office at 281-469-2773, and if you know a warrior that would welcome support and stress release, please tell him/her about our De-Stress Program.

The pentagon has recognized EFT as a choice method for PTSD and is offering this program  “in the field”,  on the iphones, until the warrior can get back to base to work with a facilitator.  WE WELCOME ALL BRANCHES OF SERVICE AND ANY FAMILY MEMBERS  CONNECTED WITH OUR ARMED SERVICES.


For personal healing or.. family, friends, animals, earth

Our no-cost group meets at: The Forum, (Senior Living Facility)  So. Panther Creek Drive,  in the Woodlands, TX. every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

EFT is a non-treatening way into the sub-conscience area of the brain where past emotional traumas and events are deeply hidden.  The skills are simple to learn, yet have a powerful impact with very quick results.  There are no drugs involved, and no long sessions with “shrinks”.  It is a way that your body automatically uses to release areas of stress.  Now we can assist the body, to get to deeper levels that will free the sub-conscious mind and thus the effects that cause anxiety, panic attacks, pain, insomnia, headaches, suffering, and other emotional reactions.

We also place conscious awareness on the “disappointments in life” and we will TAP on the acupressure points to shift the impact, and thus release the pain, fears, trauma, heart issues around these disappointments.  The body knows how to shift this energy into positive life force healing.  Come join us…. for your own healing.

Group session of EFT Tappers, Woodlands, Texas