VET TRIPP Project, Stress Project & Fallen Warriors Memorial

VET TRIPP Project in Houston, TX

Vet TriipThe Houston Vet TRIIP project was introduced here in Houston, in January, 2016. Initially, it was started in Ft. Hood, TX. then in Houston, TX.

The Mission of Vet TRIIP is to honor and empower veterans and service members, their families and caregivers, and service providers living with Post-Traumatic Stress, chronic pain and related symptoms to create healthy, happy, and productive civilian lives.  The Vet TRIIP program is free.  It provides hands on skills from various natural healing professionals.  Such as Qi Gong, Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Emotional Freedom EFT, Chiropractor, Reiki.

Three phases available for all Veterans

Location: , New Location in Houston, TX   starting 2020.

  1. 6 initial hands on healing sessions approximately  2 hours each.
  2. Emotional Freedom Technique that promotes stress resilience, gentle relaxation, more comfort and better sleep
  3. Integration of the skills into life choices

For more information visit

The last Saturday of every month, and selected mid-month dates.

Next Date: 
January 2020   Veteran’s Call:  Charlene Fox  281-536-9591 


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Energy Medicine Practitioners, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists. 

To Volunteer and offer your skills in natural healing…. contact Eric Streicher.     832-291-6220 mobile

Contact Person.Houston Director:  To inquire or ask questions..
Charlene Fox 
281-536-9591 mobile

VETERAN’S STRESS PROJECT–Dawson Church, founder

The Veterans Stress Project (VSP) certified practitioners donate 6 individual sessions to the Veterans and their families.  Such complaints of PTSD, anxiety, stress, flashbacks, memory loss and other war related symptoms have been totally released by the Emotional Freedom Technique skills in combination with Energy Healing skills.

EFT is a simple method of “tapping” on the energy meridians and “letting go” of the sub-conscious cellular imprints that the body holds in the sub-conscious mind. Freedom from these old emotions and symptoms gives the vet a new beginning and a freedom to enjoy life once again.  Learn more about EFT or “tapping” and the non-evasive Energy Medicine skills.

For more information, email Pat at – Houston based, as a Certified Practitioner

Fallen Warriors Memorial – Honor given each Memorial Day

Located:  Cutten Rd. Spring, TX. 77388

In memory of all the Veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice, flowers were laid by the National Memorial Ladies, the developers and caretakers of the Memorial site.  For more information see   Pat is a Member of, and Vet Triip.