LOCATION:  Unity Church of the Woodlands, 25817 Gosling Rd. Spring, TX. 77389

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Class Series:  Aug. 17-18   Sept. 21-22   Oct. 12-13   Nov. 9-10.  Holidays off.

Jan. 25-26 2020   Feb. 22-23   March 21-22 Graduation.  You will be asked to track the progress of an ongoing client as you use your learned skills for seven months.  Also known as homework.  * You may miss one weekend out of seven, however you will be asked to makeup the class within that month.  

Hours:  9 a.m. sharp to 5 p.m.    Please arrive early to pick your seat.

Intermediate class Requirements:    You have either completed the Basic Class requirements or by other accredited professional classes you have taken.  

Credited Hours for Graduation:  Total hours 300. 1 Class missed needs makeup.

You will accumulate 100 hours of hands on work to fulfill your World Task. 

Animals, friends, world healing, plants, etc.  

***Graduate with the title of Touch of Healing Practitioner in March 2020.    


The decision to take the Intermediate class is to devote yourself to the wonderment of learning the energetic hologram of your whole body, to heal yourself, and to hold the sacred space with your compassionate hands and loving heart to help others to heal. (Some students want the classes for their own soul growth, and we welcome them).

This is not a light decision as you and only you, know if you are to follow this calling.  The path of the seeker…. of wisdom, of the human hologram and your Divine connection to the Universe. 

It does not necessarily mean you will set up a practice, but you will be asked to learn how to use your gifts…. and to then follow the road of the servant.  Helping all God’s kingdoms to heal… human, animal, and mother earth.  

If you received this human nudge, I ask you to pray about your path… to find your heart speaking and not the head.  This course of 7 months will change your life.  That I can guarantee.  There will be no doubt what your “divine calling is”, and what you will do with your life.  

GRADUATION:  As a “professional” graduate of THI, you can get an International License through the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board. Please note:  Touch of Healing Inst. is recognized as a school of higher learning for over 20 years and college level, accredited in the Metaphysical Healing Arts of Energy Medicine.  

INSTRUCTOR: If your heart says I am to be your teacher, I am truly honored.  We will walk this amazing path together as you stretch beyond your wildest dreams and discover your heart’s longings.  

Co-teacher: Pilar Quiroga  She is a loving woman and mother of two active boys, a Licensed Graduate of THI, but also has her own healing practice, and does in-depth advanced studies relating to the bio energetic forces of energy on planet earth.  Her bi-lingual ability to speak Spanish, will be of great help for those who have English as a second language.  

Co-teacher: Kim Pence   Kim has her own practice and is a graduate of THI.  She is also a LMT, and has done many advanced classes.  She has a clairvoyant gift and is trained to do soul seed retrievals, and regressions.

Intermediate Class Cost is $250.00 per class:  Total of $1,750.00

Advanced Full payment receives a 10% discount.  Total = $1,575.00  

Includes all the research, class materials, videos, and misc. teaching tools.  A complete package.  We will meet at the Unity Woodlands Light House Bldg. 25817 Gosling Rd, Spring TX.  77389.    

Books Purchased by student.  Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan. The Subtle Body Coloring Book by Cyndi Dale.  Amazon has slightly used copies.  Rose Quartz Pendulums for purchase:  $15.00 @ THI Class.

To Register: 

Registration on Web Site:  https://touchofhealinginstitute.com  to enable you to sign up electronically and to Pay Pal the pmts. each month. Must use:  Pay to friends and family so NO SERVICE FEE attached.   Registration form & payment due before Aug. 11th.  Classes fill up quickly, and space is limited.  

Questions: E mail:  pafleury@sbcglobal.net  or 281-469-2773 Ofc. phone

The High energy of the intermediate class is already set with Sacred Space just for you.  And may you feel the Divine nudge within.                         

May your heartsong “sing” as you set your intent for your future classes.                                            

Pat Fleury aka the Rainbow Grandmother 

Pilar Quiroga, the carrier of light and love.  

Kim Pence,  the wisdom keeper 


Student Comments: 

“It took one special lady to recruit me to this amazing work, and her name is Pat Fleury.  I was  struggling to believe that this stuff really works and I was to be a part of her school. She taught me to have confidence and now,   I love being part of the healing world.  I now use my skills  with the same loving confidence she has role modeled for me during her classes.  I  would invite any person longing for self skills or to integrate the skills  into your practice,  to try one of her classes.  You will learn so much in a short time.”  -Carole Jones, co-instructor:  The Touch of Healing Institute Graduate

The next step LICENSE: Touch of Healing Institute is registered  with the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board. They have the ability and classes to guide you into professional licensing for your practice to meet State and International requirements. This license as a Spiritual Healer Practitioner has national and international recognition.

STUDY MATERIAL: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, EFT by Gary Craig,  Brad Yates, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, Quantum Touch by Richard Gorden,  YouTube assignments, and other healing masters of energy medicine.

DRESS: Casual. Bring a light blanket for meditation. No leather or crystal jewelry please.  You will receive a note re: what to bring to each class.

GRADUATE STUDENTS are always welcome to join us for review and practice of skills. We call these: “Touch Up Intermediate Classes”. 

CONTINUING EDUCATIONAL UNITS:  For the professionals association CEU or CNE requirements: our credit courses are recognized and approved to meet the required  annual continuing education units of many professional organizations.. We have an outline of the course for submission.  We are registered with the NCBTMB for massage therapist credit hours, ACEP for Energy Psychology and other well recognized professional organizations.


“I admire your humbleness and the work you do… as your student I can tell you there is nothing more, than I can admire in a teacher… as they say… “ I would like to be like you when I grow up”… and I mean it.” –   Pilar Quiroga, THI Professional, Co-teacher Basic #1 in Spanish. 

“Your classes have enriched my understanding of myself in a new way.  With this new awareness and the easy skills you offer, I feel confident that I can use my loving heart and hands to help others heal.”  – Susan Daniels, THI Professional.

“I feel you, Pat, are a master teacher of the process of integration & healing.”  -Laura Anderson, THI Professional

“This course is excellent for self-awareness, and allows the student to open their hearts and minds to a new “view of themselves and others”.  Take this course for your own self journey.”  -Debbie Anton, graduate

“If you really want to dig deep inside yourself and discover what you are capable of, then this is an excellent (class) place to be.  The strength of your own dedication and intention to help heal this priceless miracle we call mother earth is entirely dependent upon you.”  -Kenny P. graduate



  Each class reinforces the skills and the hands-on healing work, but the energies are directed by intent to do deep cellular shifts of blocks in the field.  It is important that you understand the principles of healing with Energy Medicine. 

Cost: $250.00 for full weekend, all materials and reference book. 

8:30 a.m. Sat. registration.  Class 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Instructor: Pat Fleury, Bachelor of Science Degree in Energy Medicine (2007) and Energy Psychology (2009).  EFT Certified (2010).

NOTE:  Professional requirements for yearly license:   (12 CEU credit hours).  THI is recognized by NCBTMB, LMT, and other Professional organizations to meet annual licensing qualifications. 

Day 1:  Electro-magnetic healing at the cellular level.  Introduction to your own field and other students.  Principals & skills of Energy Medicine;  How to heal with your hands and your  heart.  Our Electro-magnetic field of all creation, and the ability to heal by adjusting and balancing the “field” and chakras that feed us.

Day 2:  Emphasis on the use of the healing skills.  Interview of your client/partner, identifying the areas of blocked energy, putting your skills into practice, and monitoring the result by pendulum readings.

This is a College Level approved class.

The “THI Practitioner Certification” requires 2 Basic weekend classes

12 Credit Basic hours are given for Basic Class #1 and another 12 Credit hours for Basic Class #2. .    Your goal is to achieve A TOTAL of 100 hours of training and hands on work.  You earn hourly credits by using the healing skills that you have learned in class. .  on friends, animals, the earth,   

OTHER:  Special THI classes are offered to accumulate required hours.

IE:  If you are currently attending healing workshops, meditation groups, lectures, healing ceremonies…. they all count as credit hours.   



STILL WONDERING? If you answer these questions with a “YES”, then you need to attend.  No previous degrees or training necessary:

  1. Do you have unresolved health issues and physical conditions that affect your life?
  2. Have you tried many different healing methods but experience little results
  3. Do you have emotional issues in your life that you can’t seem to turn around?
  4. Are you stressed and angry all the time?
  5. Do you desire to learn new healing skills to use with family members, clients or animals?
  6. Have you always known you have special healing gifts, but don’t know how to use them?
  7. Do you currently have a MD, DO, CPA, LMT, PT practice, or have weekend classes but no certification…. and want to add energy healing for deeper results and expand your medical arts toolbox?
  8. Have you longed to have your own healing practice, but lack the training to become certified?   This class is for you!

Class Goal:  To achieve a deep understanding of the electro-magnetic connections that our bio-photogenic body makes to the physical, mental, emotional, and Divine Spirit. How disturbances in the “field” relates to diseases/illnesses. We will develop practical skills and how to use our hearts and hands, with easy skills, to enhance the movement of this energy, thus freeing the body to heal through its innate knowledge.


If you are interested in registering for this class or would like more information, please use the “contact Pat” tab, or ofc. # 281-469-2773. E-mail pafleury@sbcglobal.net . 


ADVANCED CLASS:  Teach the Teachers      

Prerequisite:  Students must have an understanding of the energy field of the body, and be up to date on the “basic chelation for the chakras”.  If you studied with another instructor, we will ask that you visit with our teachers to determine your level of healing at the cellular level.  This is not designed to test you… but rather to see if you need further instructions before class.

Content:  Many professional students want to start their own practice but lack the wisdom to proceed.  This class is for you.   Given 2 x’s per year.  Future date to be announced.

The class is designed to give an overview of the current attributes of being a professional in the Healing Arts.  It will cover modes of advertising, comparison models of a Business set up.  Legal issues with a practice.  Location, and how to get and retain clients.

  • Workshop Practicum: Lecture, hands-on skills, and class participation
  • Meditation:  Guided meditation
  • Clinical Experience: Hands on skills to develop cellular response to healing

These classes are offered on a professional advanced level and the student is expected to understand the energy field of the body and the etherical chakra levels of 1-10.   We will be combining energy psychology and energy healing through the study and published material of many of today’s leaders in the field of Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Energy Medicine.

We will have practicums to develop confidence in new advanced skills and modalities.   Then we will integrate these new skills with previous teachings for your Advanced Spiritual Healer’s tool box.   We will continue study of the relationship of our energy field and the connection to all living creatures.   How to work with the very high frequencies that have entered, and continue to enter, in vibration rays into our planet, for the Christ consciousness Grid.   How to adapt our own bodies through the Merkaba, use of new skills to move out of the brain and into the loving heart of the 5th dimension.  We need to understand the process, so we can function as healers and then how to bring stabilizing energy and balancing for our clients.   CONTACT:  pafleury@sbcglobal.net


Contact Pat, under the end tab, and let us know if you are a professional healer or holistic health coach.  These Advanced classes are designed for the student that is aware of the electro-magnetic field, and the healing capabilities of the light body.  Classes are designed with lecture, demonstrations,  and student hands-on work.  There are CEU credits available for professional organizations.  Advanced classes are given twice a year, and are announced as the event is dated.

It is recommended that you sign up for your interest in these classes, as they fill up very quickly.