Advanced Class

ADVANCED CLASS Prerequisite:  Students must have an understanding of the energy field of the body.  Knowledge of the aura, chakras, and bioenergetics.   

      If you studied with another instructor, we will ask that you visit with our teachers to determine your level of healing skills at the cellular level.  This is not designed to test you… but rather to see if you need further instructions before class.

2019-2020 Advanced Dates to be Announced

Content:  Many professional students want an update on the 5th dimension, what is happening to us on Mother Earth and futuristic awareness of our many light body changes.

The class is designed to give an overview of the current attributes of being a professional in the Healing Arts. 

  • Workshop Practicum: Lecture, hand outs, and class participation in discussions.
  • Meditation:  Guided meditation
  • Clinical Experience: Hands on skills to develop cellular response to healing.

This class is offered on a professional advanced level and the student is expected to understand the energy field of the body and the etherical 1-12 auric field, and chakra levels of 1-10.   We will be combining energy psychology and energy healing through the study and published material of many of today’s leaders in the field of Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Energy Medicine.

We will have practicums to develop confidence in new advanced skills and modalities.   Then we will integrate these new skills with previous teachings for your Advanced Spiritual Healer’s tool box.   We will continue class study of the relationship of our energy field and the connection to all living creatures.   How to work with the very high frequencies that have entered, and continue to enter, in vibration rays into our planet, for the Christ consciousness Grid.   How to adapt our own bodies through the Merkaba. New skills to move out of the brain and into the loving heart of the 5th dimension.  We need to understand the process, so we can function as healers and then how to bring stabilizing energy and balancing for our clients.  

??  CONTACT:    Pat  Fleury  281-469-2773

Student Comment:  
Attendance at the DNA and Dimensional Change workshop:  I was blown away with the DNA knowledge during the presentation.  The wisdom of the ancient prophecies, combined with our earth grid changes validated by modern science, and then the physical body and how it transforms was exactly what I wanted to hear.  The class was light hearted and we participated in advanced cellular healing on many levels.  Highly recommended in content and excellent teachers.   Aheim