Special Workshops & Seminars in 2017

Memorial Day May 2016 – Fallen Warriors Memorial, Cutten Rd., Spring, TX.

Memorial Day 5-24-15In memory of all the Veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice… flowers were laid by the National Memorial Ladies,  the developers and caretakers of the Memorial site…. see www.fallenwarriorstexas.org  and Pat Fleury, a Member of the Veteran’s Stress Project.

The VSP certified practitioners donate 6 Emotional Freedom Technique individual sessions to the Veterans for PTSD.  Such complaints of PTSD, anxiety, stress, flashbacks, memory loss and other war related symptoms  have been totally released by the EFT skills.

EFT is a simple method of “tapping” on the energy meridians and “letting go” of the sub-conscious cellular imprints that the body holds in the sub-conscious mind.  Freedom from these old symptoms gives the vet a new beginning and a freedom to enjoy life once again.