Welcome to the Touch of Healing Institute where you will experience: Education, Healing, and Transformation.

The Touch of Healing Institute (THI) is a metaphysical school of higher learning, and has been in the Houston area for over 17+ years.  THI offers professional classes in quantum energetic healing which is also known as hands on healing in the Bible.  The Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board (FSHLB) recognizes THI as an accredited educational organization of higher learning.  All students may apply for FSH admittance into the licensing program, after graduation.

Our classes are also recognized by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. (NCBTMB).  We welcome all LMT practitioners who need to complete their CEU requirements.  (see “special events”  for classes designed especially for massage therapists).

All  college level classes that are offered are designed for the adult who wishes to expand their knowledge of the ancient healing arts and modalities called: laying-on-of- hands. It is also referred to by the scientific term, “Quantum Physics”,  or Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Matrix Energetics, Vibrational Medicine and as Energy Medicine by the professionals. Basically, the healing skills are to help assist our fellow man to bring balance, harmony and healing back into their lives, through the biological innate wisdom of their own body.

You may enter the school as a beginner or intermediate student.  Each level of progression is dependent upon the previous accomplishments. If you have not attended the Touch of Healing Institute, attendance into the Intermediate and Advanced Classes is dependent upon your level of former training. All intermediate and advanced students must have a good background for understanding the energy field of the body and the holistic approach to healing.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Touch of Healing Institute, (THI) and its founder, Patricia A. Fleury, is to welcome all spiritual healers and assist them to become all that they have been called to do for their life and world purpose. THI opens the student’s mind, emotions and spirit for continuous avenues of creation in using their heart and hands in the healing arts. By our curriculum and high teaching standards we will emphasize the importance of ethics and professionalism in the professional practice.


  1. Provide a professional atmosphere with up-to-date teaching materials that provides the opportunity for students to attain their highest aspirations and goals.
  2. All teachers/instructors will be Certified and trained through the THI facility.
  3. Provide all certified students the opportunity to become Licensed as a Spiritual Healer Practitioner  or Spiritual Healer Professional/Coach.


As the founder of the Touch of Healing Institute I believe that we are all ONE in the eyes of God and live within the Divine Universal Hologram of the heart of GOD.  Thus when one part of our hologram hurts it hurts the whole and as one heals, the Universe heals.  Our human body is part of this hologram. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. All humans are capable of developing dis-ease within as we become separated from our Divine Source, and our Divine Self.

In the wisdom of our Creator, the whole earth and all the creatures and kingdoms that live upon it, were given the biological innate knowledge to return to wholeness or holiness. Thus bringing balance and harmony back into our lives. Our job as Spiritual Healers is to heal our self first, then offer our loving heart of compassion to the world. It is this high vibration of love that changes all things. Thus we use the term “Healing for the Greatest Good” and let the Great Spirit direct the energetic healing vibrations of love through our hands and heart. The client’s innate wisdom knows exactly where vibrational healing is needed. The client heals him/her self.

More and more scientists are studying the affect of prayer and energy/spiritual healing. They concur through their published research that Energy Healing is the “medicine of the future.” Quoted: Andrew Weil, M.D. Univ. of Arizona.  On the TV programs hosted by Oprah, and Dr. Oz, Dr. Norman Shealy,  the audience was introduced to the concept of energy healing. (also referred to as quantum healing).  They endorsed the practice of Energy Medicine and welcomed the energy healers to share their experiences.


Instructor: Pat Fleury, B.S. in Energy Medicine and 45+ years (certification and degrees)  in Allopathic,  Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, (CAM).

About Pat:  I am an educator, teacher and researcher, a catalyst and resource, a facilitator for emotional and spiritual healing. My Medical and Energy Psychology (ACEP) degrees and background give me the uniqueness of merging the conventional allopathic medicine with the complimentary, alternative medicine of the future.   My desire is to provide a sacred space where you can explore who you are, and then actually believe in the unique creation you are.  Who We Are is so much greater than who we think we are, and who we thought we were.


To remember to breathe, it is the breath of life.

To remember to feel; the emotions of the heart.

To remember Reverence for all Life.

To remember Magnificence within the earth body of who you really are..

To remember to laugh and love and play and frolic in the Magic, Miracles and Mystery all around us.

To remember to Connect to Source Energy, our Creator

To remember that we belong to the Universe of Eternity.

To remember Mother Earth is a free will planet, and we did elect to come into the human body, at this exact time. It is our decision.

Location of Classes:

Primary Location:  Basic, Professional Intermediate and Advanced Classes are held at the Wyndham Garden Inn, 18818 State Hwy. 249 @ Prestonwood Forest Dr.  Various Healing Centers, Institutes of higher learning, Hotels in and around Houston, and out lying areas such as the Woodlands, Friendswood, Bay Area, Chapell Hill, and Kingswood, TX.  2nd Mesa, Arizona, New York, New Mexico. 

Contact Phone Number: 281-469-2773 land line.      E:mail  pafleury@sbcglobal.net