Water Wheel Ceremony..March 2013



Gathering time 1:00 p.m to build the vortex and 2:00 p.m. for the Water Wheel Ceremony. Ceremonial leader:  Wind Song Spirit (Pat Fleury).


  • HWY 3005 WEST.. Galveston Island @ Beach Access Point #22
  • Follow SeaWall Blvd. headed west, toward San Luis Pass on Hwy. 3005

Native American Ceremonies include drumming, a medicine wheel, and sacred altar for the earth changes during this time of New Earth Energies. Yes we have moved into the new 5th dimension.


If you wish to be added to the notification list of Native American Ceremonies for 2014 please go to our E-mail at: pafleury@sbcglobal.net and indicate that you wish to be placed on the “interested” list. OR go to our contact Pat page.

Please give your heart of thankfulness for the light workers that have held the “rays of light” within their own bodies so humankind and all of the earth kingdoms can come into balance with the new Christ Consciousness Divine Grid. Special gratitude to James Tyberonn of www.Earth-Keeper.com for the sacred journeys that he offers. His recent trips to England/Scotland and to Arkansas for the master crystal activation were a dream come true for many of his attendees. Offering growth and reawakening of our soul.

My travels to Sedona for the presentation of the Crystal Skulls on 11-7-11 by the Mayan Elder, Humbutz and the welcoming by the Hopi tribal elders, was an event I shall always remember. They (the North American and South American Elders) recalled the history of the Hopi migration from the S. American tribal lands thousands of years ago. Mayan elder Humbutz was so delighted to tell Hopi elder Ronald Wadsworth, that “you are “Mayan”. A touching moment for both tribes. In their culture, this was the meeting of the eagle and the condor in physical bodies. A very good omen of things to come.

Other Items:

Our hearts go out to the families that have undergone the dramatic changes in their place of residence as the earth shifts happen. May we continue to place them in our prayers. Regards, Wind Song Spirit aka Pat Fleury