Completed: Rose Crystal placement in Gulf of Mexico


COMPLETED on July 28, 2015 Water Wheel Ceremony for the Gulf of Mexico and Ship Channel Waters, Galveston, TX.

In the energy of the Platinum Rays and the Lion’s Gate Opening.  From July 24th to Aug. 8th there was a rare opportunity to work with outstanding healing energy coming into our planet.


The Gulf of Mexico had received many oil spills in May- June, and the Oil Companies were not willing to take responsibility for the damage done to our ecology system.  In addition, there were 4 barges that collided in the Ship Channel with one spilling lethal napthene into the waters.  Clean up was very slow in coming.  In the meantime, our marine life was dying, the dolphins in the channel were beaching, and the deep water shrimp and sea urchins were not eatable.  All affecting the biosphere.


The day was beautiful before Grandfather sun had arisen.  Sandy Dinwiddie and myself woke to greet the morning at her home, with our honoring of the 4 directions.  We then called in the Great Spirit, and asked for guidance from the HOLY ONES and the sacred GRANDMOTHERS.  Sandy made a cornmeal offering, and placed cornmeal on the rose quartz crystals we were to use in the Water Wheel Ceremony.

Pat gave an explanation of the meaning of the directions and likened it to the calling of the angels.  The prophecies around the time frame we were in was of the Lion’s Gate opening, and the Platinum Rays gifted to our planet.   With special star constellations in alignment.  A powerful time for healing of the waters.

We then proceeded to Galveston Island.   In 2010 after the huge Gulf Oil Spill,  and subsequent years we have kept the huge vortex at Beach Site #22 in constant repair.  When we arrived at the site, there was a new, huge, construction site for a hotel/condos.   Using our high sense perception and intuition, we perceived that the lay lines and grid water lines had been damaged.  The Native Americans call this the Grandmother Spider Web. In the construction, the sewer lines had been placed very deep into Mother Earth.  So the energy conduction had been broken for the Water Grid of the Gulf set in 2010.  This and the breaking of the side of the crystalline grid of the vortex, told us we had our work cut out for us, before we could start the healing of the waters.

We always start with an altar using the Water Wheel Mandela and in this case we needed more than the 7 rose quartz crystals we usually use for the 7 pointed star water mandala.

It was important that we follow the new outline for the 5th dimensional Mandela,  using the 12 points of our physical chakra system (represented by the 12 rose quartz) in the circular portion of the grid, and then the large selenite crystal in the center, with 4 rose quartz crystals holding the 4 directions.  This gave us enough crystal power to do the grid and vortex repair.  The visions coming in told us that the grid was very weak due to the construction so we proceeded to ask for angelic help to help us see where the human hands needed to hold the crystalline grid so they could do repair.  That is the job of the 5 fingered ones.  We are the caretakers of Mother Earth so we are given the privilege to work with the angelic realm in unity to bring balance back.  Once the grid was in place, we then could address the vortex that had been broken.

We re-structured the vortex from the base, reconnecting it to the earth core.  Once it was in place the energy just picked up a clockwise motion and started to ignite the grid with electro-magnetic charges.

At that point we knew we could offer our prayers and songs for the healing of the waters in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.  But our work was not complete.  The Ship Channel was still loaded with toxins.  So we went on the Bolivar Ferry and dropped “charged” rose quartz crystals along the way.   On the trip over and coming back, there were 2 dolphins that jumped… crested… right before our eyes, as we placed our crystals.  Their own thanks to us for clearing their home and the home of their babies.

Our car was dispatched off of the ferry and so we made our way down the highway until we were both nudged to turn toward the water.  Once on the beach it was evident Spirit had chosen this spot as there was a family with 3 little girls.  Sandy introduced us and told the parents that we would love some help.  Could the little ones throw the crystals in the waters for the children of the world.. that they would have clean water to drink.  Well of course they were thrilled.   It made our day to see the laughter and fun this created.

A full day of JOY.  It always is when we listen to the still small voice, and just go…where ever we are sent.   Come join us next time.

Signed:  Sandy of the Water Tribe, and Grandma Pat of the Rainbow Grandmothers.