July 16-18, 2013 Water Ceremony Completed- Big Island, Hawaii

Aloha from Kona-Kailua Hawaii: The site of the “World Wide Water Ceremony!”

Palm-leaning-over-oceanWe have completed this ceremony, and I offer some of the details on the gathering for your interest.

The Water Wheel Ceremony Project Purpose: To bring together collective intention and consciousness to benefit our children’s waters 500+ years into the future.

The vision is to create a web/template of 172, 000 Water Wheels (medicine wheels) linked together across the planet that serves to renew our sacred relationship with water. This message was given to Marshall Jack, aka Golden Eagle of the Paiute Nation, www.waterceremony.com.

Since 2005, Pat (aka Wind Song Spirit) has joined Marshall Jack on many locations in the USA, and Pat has performed the sacred water ceremonies in Texas, New York, England, Scotland, Hawaii and Costa Rica with other Light Workers who treasure our waters.

In July of 2013, We joined the Kahuna Elders on the the Big Island of Hawaii at their sacred ceremonial site near Kona.. They have carried the love for the earth and the waters for thousands of years by their own ceremonies, dances and songs.  This was a 4 day Ceremony that included prep work, ceremony, and closure.

July 16,  was to ask permission of the Holy Ones of the Island Spirits of Hawaii to use the sacred site. Then to prepare the site, and work with the 7 water planets that came into alignment during our ceremonies.
July 17,   was the combined efforts of the group accompanying Marshall from Texas, and the Kahuna Elders. It was put on our hearts to do three things.

  1. Clear the remainder of the old karmic emotions worldwide from the waters, that still remain.
  2. Feel the new powerful energy of NOW as the water template is set into place for the world.
  3. Look to the future for our children and grandchildren who are living now, and then into 500+ years from now. Picture a world where all creatures and kingdoms have clear, clean water for their use.

July 18, the day of Ceremony: We set the intent for all of these prayers on the Big Island, through a Crystalline Altar and the use of Rose Quartz Crystals that magnify the prayers and our emotions. Susan Daniels had brought the ceremonial drum (huge drum) over from the mainland, USA.  We called in the Holy Spirit (Great Spirit) and the ancestors, to help us with this monumental task.  The water songs were sung, and the children placed the rose quartz crystals into the Pacific Ocean.  Special prayers for Japan and it’s peoples who suffer from the radiation nuclear spill.

Also: many people have asked that they be a part of these world wide ceremonies through working with their own crystals, and their desires of the heart for our waters of the world. Yes, join us through the heart… charge your own crystals with your love and heart desires. Then place on your own altar.

Personal Note: I have 6 beautiful grandchildren and I never thought the day would come that they would have to drink water out of plastic bottles, and that their pleasure of the lakes and rivers would be curtailed because the water was polluted. I never dreamed that the sea kingdom would suffer so from man’s abuse to the water kingdom, and the other living kingdoms. How can we do this to our provider of our very life?

I am told “ Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world…. For, indeed, they are the only ones who ever have.” By Margaret Mead

The Native Americans believe that “we are the ones that the world has been waiting for”… we are the 5 fingered ones, and we are the only earthly kingdom that can make the changes for the future of our beloved Mother Earth. As we start to love and honor the Mother Earth… she can provide for us and knows how to heal. It is the time of the heart…. And to get out of our minds.

I choose to stand up, and not be silent anymore. I choose to make a difference. I AM the one to make a difference. I AM a 5 fingered one…. Come join me…at future ceremonies.  Use the Contact Pat tab.