Help Heal the Waters & Heal Yourself at the World Wide Water Ceremony

We look back at last year and the many areas of the world that have the Sacred Water Wheels up and running. It appears that 2014 will also be the year of THANKING THE WATERS AND SENDING LOVE so that the clear, non-toxic, pure, waters can return to our world.

Our travels last year took us to many beautiful sights.

In April: Travel to Costa Rica with John Maisel:  The Sacred Water Wheel atop the very active volcano… Terra Alba. Many magic moments during and after our ceremony.  John noticed about a week later, that the stream used by the locals, was now clear, and they were able to drink, and swim in the streams. God’s miracle once again.

Hawaii, the Big Island, greeted us in July. We joined the Kahuna Tribe in Kona and performed a 4 day ceremony for the waters.  Paying particular attention to the radiation factors that were coming from Japan.  It was a Kodak moment as we finished our ceremony the last day, with the sun setting over the Pacific.   Three of us journeyed to Hilo, to meet Dr. Masaru Emoto for his last program. He is going to retire and be with his family in Japan.  He held my hands and told me, “I cannot do my work any more”.  Will you do it for me?  Of course among tears, of joy, I promised to carry on the water ceremonies.  What a remarkable man.

My Journey Home:  It was put heavy on my heart to visit my family in Buffalo, N.Y., my birthplace. So in December, I combined a family wedding, reunion with old schoolmates, and a beautiful time with my family.  My brother, sister-in-law, my niece and her family joined me with a crystal water ceremony done indoors.  The weather had really changed, and was bitter cold.  Then I was Spirit directed to take the children’s prayers in the rose quartz crystals to Lake Erie.  Blustering snow and high winds;  I made my way to the lakeside park, and there was a natural altar ready for me right at the water’s edge.  It was a large tree that had been washed inland, cut across the base, so it was flat.  A perfect altar.  I placed the 7 rose quartz crystals in the diagram of a 7 pointed star, and was told, by my inner Great Spirit,  that the wonderful child like prayers would clear and restore the waters of my nieces and nephews and would go out into the Great Lakes and beyond.  I left with tears flowing down my cheeks.  Truly the end of a beautiful time with family and friends.

2014 has already started… March in Sedona, AZ. among the high energy of the Red Rocks, and Montezuma’s Well, AZ.  with the 13 grandmothers.  I joined Marshall Jack, aka Golden Eagle for two beautiful ceremonies.  His friends Vesna, Jay and Frank also held the energy for the ceremony.  The grandmothers loved our dedication to do this work.  They are getting older, and finding it difficult to travel from as far away as Africa, Brazil, and Australia.  But the continue to hold the earth and her transformation in their prayers and hearts.

I will keep you posted on the next ceremonies here in the Gulf Area.  Please sign up under “contact Pat” on this website.  

Mitakuye Oyasin- “We are all one”   
Pat Fleury aka Wind Song Spirit