Special Events

2015 Event:

On July 4-11 2015  Wind Song Spirit aka Pat Fleury traveled from Seattle, WA. up the coastal waterway route to Skagway, Alaska aboard the cruise ship Golden Princess.  A trip of the heart and the Spirit. Pat was  in the company of an old friend George Daniels, a professional and published photographer, and in the energy of the full grandmother moon. We did the water ceremony of Earth & Sky & Unity, in the land of the midnight sun…Alaska.  Merging the eagle and condor spirits once more.  A blessing to the oldest grandmother on the Island of Ketchakan by Wind Song Spirit completed the full circle of the ancient prophecy.  This location was the original birth place of my eagle… who’s feather I carry.  It is called by the natives:  Island of the eagles….and the thunderbird energy.


My Golden Eagle feather has been in many water ceremonies, and many of my clan know that I received this feather from a spiritual woman named Tina Ortinez of Seattle, WA.  She found two feathers on the beach in Alaska about 1990.  Her adopted mother Lindy, who married into the Tlingit Tribe  told her that she could only keep one, and she would know to whom the other feather needed to go.

Tina was the caretaker for 22 years.  In 2012 she presented this Golden Eagle feather to me, Wind Song Spirit.  Also known as the Rainbow Grandmother by the Hopi.  Thus I became part of an ancient prophecy that is woven around the Circle of All Life.  Circles must return to the point of origin, or they are not complete.  I will see Tina in Seattle, WA. before my trip and get he blessing.

The Medicine men and women of the Hopi had taught me that I am only a care giver for this Eagle Spirit.  When the time is right…the Spirit will take off on it’s own journey.  This is exactly what happened.

In Dec. 2014, my friend Marshall Jack aka Golden Eagle said it was time to unite the Eagle feathers (his and mine)  which represented the continent of N. America as totems, with the Condor feathers; the Condor Spirit that represents the continent of S. America.  I gladly acknowledged this calling for the ancient prophecy to continue, the time was right.

Pilar Quiroga from Bolivia carried my female feather, Marshall Jack of the Paiute Nation carried the male eagle feather, and Maya  Shaw Gale from Santa Barbara, CA. was the interpreter and supporter as they traveled to Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia and Peru.

On the Island of the Moon, the group was met by four Mayan Grandmothers.  They asked what was the purpose of the visit.  They were told: “When the Eagle and the Condor come together, the World will change into unconditional love and unity of the 5th dimension… for all the peoples of the earth”.   “We came to do the ancient water ceremony to fulfill this prophecy.”  They knew of this prophecy and ceremony… so excitedly became part of the group.  Giving their own Condor blessing on our Eagle feathers.

The grandmothers then gave us condor feathers to bring back to N. America.  They also knew the Eagle and Condor feathers must be returned to the place of birth for the Circle of Life to be complete.  So now, 25 years later, the opportunity has opened a door that Eagle (and Condor) can return to the place of origin.

Wind Song Spirit,  aka Pat Fleury